Start Teaching Today

If you are interested in having Artful Gathering present your workshops and courses please click the Free Estimate badge bellow. We understand that individual instructors require different services. Our program is designed to accomodate your unique needs. Service costs vary depending on the nature of the materials you will be providing to us.

Services we provide:

✓ Video Hosting
✓ Classroom Forum
✓ Customized Classroom Home Page
✓ Video Player Set Up
✓ Ad Placement in Our Events Section

Online Classroom Set-Up

After you film your course and edit your pre-recorded videos, Artful Gathering collects them and hosts them for streaming to your students. Once you provide us with your course content, in it's entirety, we set-up your classroom according to the content you provide. This includes document files as well as video files which we will request in order to have your classroom ready for your desired start date.

Create Your Own Teaching Schedule

 Choose the run dates for your online video course presentations. Your students will have 24/7 access to your videos and classroom forum pages according to your run dates. Decide your Q & A check-in frequency to answer student questions, or review student progress.

Direct Marketing

Your classroom pages can include links to your art, products, kits, newsletters announcements, and sponsors.

Community Marketing Opportunities

Opportunities to Participate in Artful Gathering Events promotions.

Keep What You Earn

Set your tuition rate and your terms of service for your online course sales. Once your classroom is completely set-up, you can post your course for sale. Get paid directly from your students wherever you sell your online course(s). For example, you can sell your courses on your blog, website, store, via your Paypal invoice, etc. It's all up to you. You collect payments directly from your students on your own selling platform(s) of choice, or from multiple locations. Once your sale is completed, you simply invite your students to join your online classroom here at Artful Gathering Events.

Hosting & Streaming Estimate

Your estimate is based on a monthly, flat payment to Artful Gathering. Content value and time scheduling will vary depending on your specific needs. Please click for your estimate.