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Respect and Kindness:

The Journal Journey Group Charter is founded upon mutual respect between all the members of this group. It is a value we hope carries beyond the privacy of our group so that our discourse is always respectful. We ask that you be kind to each other; it’s contagious and it’s free.

Everything is self contained within this online location including our videos, forums and photo sharing albums. You may communicate with other  members inside our group forums by replying to each others comments and you may also enjoy posting photos of your work. 

Our group does not engage in any kind of therapeutic counseling, political commentary, or art critique. In short, we are gathered to make art fun, and we have fun sharing art. If it makes you feel happy to be creative, then you are in good company!

Group Charter:

Ask First: If it isn’t your art or art lesson, ask for permission before you share  how-to details on social media, or if you are contemplating teaching these lessons in person or online, or any publishing form.
Credit is Kindness: If it is yours, please give yourself credit for your work, and give credit where credit is due.
No Solicitation: If you are selling products and wish to promote your products, please ask the host of the group/class before posting links to this website.
You may not engage members to join any social media group of your own based on this group.

Copyrights and Permissions:

If you are contemplating teaching or sharing information learned or shared from this group, you must contact the artist or member for their permission first.
You may not share files, templates, patterns or photos that are not yours.

*Grounds for dismissal from this website are based on the above copyrights, permissions, and group charter.

Canceling Membership:
Membership to this group is a monthly subscription fee which you can cancel at any time by accessing your Paypal account, and cancelling. 
Contact: attn: Zinnia

Why a membership fee?

Many hours go into creating, organizing, and presenting video content. All video content and website design on this network is the product of this work.

Operational costs for owning and operating a personal and social website platform is not free. In our commitment to protecting our privacy and our creative and intellectual property, Artful Gathering not utilize free video hosting services, network providers, tech support, or e-mail services. Membership and tuition fees go toward supporting our programs.


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Cristina Zinnia Galliher, Creative Director Artful Gathering and Roses On My Table

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