Leonardo Loves Zia

Leonardo Loves Zia
13 Hours of Video Runtime
$125 Tuition 

Starting in 2009, I began on my love affair with paper art and collage. Although I've worked on many kinds of surfaces and 3-d objects, my passion has always gravitated towards the art of applying paper to create texture and dimension. This love affair attracts me mainly because I love to use easily obtainable materials and supplies. I like to mix them up any way that I can and I like to combine all sorts of brands and products...more details

Pumpkin Spirits


Pumpkin Spirits: Fun & Play with Air Dry Clay
Hours Video Runtime
$55 Tuition

Pumpkin Spirits are fun and quirky standing dolls created entirely out of air dry clay. What makes them especially fun to create is the humorous way in which you can sculpt their faces and their bodies...more details